Rules Of Conduct In Every Hotel

Any trip you make, whether short or long, private or official, in summer or winter, will end up in a hotel, guesthouse, motel, private accommodation, or camp. Wherever you go and no matter how much you pay for accommodation, you must abide by certain rules of conduct in hotels as well as the rules that apply to any other type of accommodation. It’s usually important to know what the hotel’s home order is and how to behave at what time of day. Wherever you are, you are a guest, therefore you must not deviate from these rules of conduct and abuse hospitality, regardless of what you pay.

You feel at home at the hotel, but act like you’re hosting. Keep your inventory in the room, because if you spoil anything, you’ll pay compensation. Here are some unwritten rules that may not be outlined in the hotel’s rulebook, but are implied:
-don’t slam the door and don’t be noisy;
-respect both the other guests and the staff at the hotel;
-do not walk the halls inappropriately dressed, say in pajamas or nightgowns, and do not appear undressed in the window or balcony;
-if you’re at sea, it goes without saying that you won’t be in a bathing suit, especially not coming to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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Hotel Code of Conduct

You will surely run into these rules in every hotel manual – respect the hotel’s home order and avoid paying fines, ejecting them from the hotel, or endangering your own and others’ safety.

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Leave the room key at reception when leaving the hotel

It would be desirable to leave the key to the room you are staying in at the hotel reception. If you lose the key to the room you might find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation, one of them is that you’ll have to pay the hotel compensation and make a new key, and the other even more uncomfortable situation that might come your way is that someone who finds the key will rob you.

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Keep the number of the room you’re staying in yourself

You don’t tell strangers the number of the room you’re staying in so you don’t invite unwanted guests.

Communicate politely with the hotel staff

It is desirable to communicate politely with the staff at the hotel where you are staying. If you have any complaints about accommodation or need anything, kindly note; do not shout at the staff if you want a high-level service.

Don’t blame the hotel staff if you run out

If something disappears from your room or you simply can’t easily find it wait before blaming the maids or other hotel staff. About 90% of reported cases of theft are pure guest error. Very often guests find a lost thing misplaced somewhere in a hotel room between things or outside the hotel. If you see anything missing, search the room first; if you make sure the matter is indeed missing, report to the hotel whose staff will be happy to help with the search for lost items, and if necessary call the police.

If you have a guest in your hotel room you are obliged to report it to the hotel’s reception

Don’t be surprised if you are asked at the front desk for documents from the person who visited you in the hotel room. Everyone staying at the hotel must be registered – be so kind as to do so in time to avoid inconvenience.

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Don’t throw what you don’t want hotel staff to see

Your trash that you don’t want hotel staff to see discreetly packaged and adequately stored in the trash can: used sanitary pads, condoms, insulin needles, etc.

Don’t take off your makeup with hotel towels

Taking off your make-up with towels is a really ugly habit, as is cleaning shoes with the same thing. Stains from make-up and shoe protection are often unable to be washed and therefore are no longer for use, causing damage to the hotel.

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Don’t leave your luggage unattended at the hotel

Before you settle into a hotel room while waiting for the key to the room, do not leave your luggage unattended so as not to repent – someone could easily take advantage of your moment of carelessness and steal your luggage.

Don’t be shy about asking them to send you a forgotten one

If you realize after your stay at the hotel that you have forgotten something, contact the hotel and politely request that they send you a lost address no matter what it is.

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Respect the hotel check-out time

Do not abuse the kindness of hotel staff and stay in the room even after the agreed time of the hotel. The hotel can charge you for the retention! If you must stay longer, kindly try to arrange with the hotel staff, if possible, a later check-out from the hotel. Very often you will not be able to provide this service, especially if hotel rooms are booked during this period.

Things that are forbidden to bring into a hotel

It is not permitted to bring explosives, weapons, flammable materials, and other environmentally hazardous chemicals into the hotel. You’re not allowed to bring in food. The use of irons, bars, electric heaters, and other heating bodies is not allowed.
The hotel reserves the right to confiscate and remove items that are on the hotel’s unauthorized list.

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Rules of conduct for guests who bring pets

Hotels are increasingly meeting and allowing guests to accommodate their pets. Make sure you have the necessary documents for the pet if you cross the state border with it. And there are a number of rules here, specified from hotel to hotel.
-maximum 2 pets up to 10 kg can usually stay in the room;
-pet species are limited to domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, and for other animals, you must send a special query;
-pets must be with you or in a cage at all times;
-with pets are not allowed in the restaurant and games rooms for children;
-your room will be cleaned daily if the pet is with you or in a cage; otherwise, due to the safety of the staff and the possibility of the pet escaping as the iron doors are open, the room will not be cleaned;
-guests are obliged to clean for their pets, inside and outside the hotel;
-if pets do any damage, the owner is obliged to pay for it;
-if the pet is aggressive, destructive, or obstructs the peace of other guests or staff, the hotel reserves the right to ask the guest to leave the hotel.

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Take the rules of conduct in the hotel pool

To the pool only the most basic: towel, cosmetics, slippers. It may be that carrying food and beverages is prohibited because the hotel bar offers groceries for guests; if permitted, bring a hand refrigerator full of food and drink. Hotels typically have a special pool or beach towels – take them from the staff instead of dirty ingredients. Check the pool for sun loungers and umbrellas or you should bring your own. The umbrella is excellent sun protection, so certainly provide it at least during the hottest part of the day (11h to 5 pm). Don’t forget the cream and the hat! Enter the pool with the help of a ladder, but don’t linger on them so others can get into the water. At the edges of some pools there are holders, for exercise, so use them to adhere while resting. If jumping in the pool is allowed, do it in a jumping position so as not to hurt the other swimmers.

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